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Fitness and OCD

orthorexia nervosa: a symptom of the toxic fitness industry

Individual's become consumed with the perfect diet, and adopt strict rules of eating, severely limiting the types of food eaten and can adopt eating rituals.

All aspects of life revolve around health and

healthy eating

scrutinizing whether certain foods are “clean” or “pure” enough. Extra time might be spent researching, cataloging, weighing

and measuring food, or planning future meals.

Dietary restrictions that escalate over time and can include the elimination of entire food groups and addition of cleanses and fasts

Orthorexia is believed to be a cross between an eating disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

This is no way to live, we need to improve our relationship with food

We often idolize fitness professionals, athletes, movie stars and models. Media has created an image of the perfect human, one who easily maintains low body fat year round, one who eats as they please, and who is photo ready at any moment.

This is simply not possible to maintain naturally and healthfully. No matter how hard we try, how many diets, and exercise this illusion of the perfect body eludes us.

It is time to put the HEALTH back in fitness


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