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10 Key Additives To Avoid

10 Key Additives to avoid

Hydrogenated Fats: now banned in Canada for their increase in cardiovascular disease. Were once use as a healthy alternative in margarine, chips, and baked goods. Important to know excessive heating of unsaturated fats can create hydrogenated fats (think of deep friers at restaurants that are constantly heated for extended time)

Artificial colors: use to color soft drinks candies cookies basically junk food colours. They have been shown to lead to allergies, asthma, hyperactivity, and cancer

Nitrates and Nitrites: often found in preserved meats, and are known to be carcinogenic, studies have shown that Vitamin C can combat some of the effects of these compounds

Sulfites: used to preserve dried fruits, fruit concentrates and potato slice( also sprayed on grapes). They are know to trigger allergic reaction, and asthma, can cause head aches, nausea and diarrhea in sensitive people.

Added sugar: sugar is incorporated into almost every food, excessive consumption leads to obesity, and related disease

Artificial sweeteners: aspartame (which was once banned but due to demand was reintroduced) saccharin and acesulfame-k. have been liked to cancers cause fetal development issues in animals, and hyperactivity in children. Also, many believe it is suitable for diabetics, however consuming artificial sugars still elevated blood sugar. Which can increase insulin resistance if overconsumed

MSG: a flavor enhancer, has been linked to head aches, increased heart rate, chest pain, and tingling

Preservatives: very board, and challenging to find information as a consumer, toxic to the liver, they may cause allergic reactions, hyperactivity and cancer, as well as damage to the nervous system

Artificial flavours: mostly found in boxed junk food, they are know to cause allergic reactions and behavioral issues

Olestra: a synthetic fat substitute often used in “reduced fat junk foods” like potato chips. Because its synthetic the body dose not digest it, it moved through the digestive system causing nausea and diarrhea.


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