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Christina Fuciarelli

"I had my consultation with Justin a few weeks ago. He is very passionate and knowledgable. During our sessions, he would always make sure that I was in the right positioning for each set. As a beginner to weight lifting, I felt like I needed a great trainer to ease me into it. Justin is great for this, as much as I wanted to push through each set he had to remind me and explain to me the importance or taking breaks and starting off light.  The gym is always clean and tidy as well. My results are already starting to come in after just a few weeks. And I always feel so great after leaving there. Highly recommend."

Intense Training
Weight Ball

Eric Hutterer

"Training and working with Justin has been incredible.  Been learning from him an absorbing a lot knowledge from his workouts. I have seen results and gains with his program. He has a very great coaching style and attitude where he wants to see results in his clients. Very glad that I have the chance to work with such an incredible coach. Recommend to anyone who is looking to get stronger or even learn to get better technique."

Josh Matire

"Having known Justin for years on a personal and professional level, there isn’t one thing he has ever backed down from. Justin has been a great coach and trainer over the years. He got me back into fitness after years of being lethargic and unhealthy eating habits.His self motivated personality combined with his non over bearing approach and added knowledge on what I personally needed to succeed continue to help my personal journey to fitness.One thing I’ve learned is the more you want to get out of an exercise, the more Justin wants you to get out of it. Whether it be trimming down and leaning out or adding weight and strength."

Outdoor Workout
Fit Woman

Deborah C.

"Justin from Pure Strength Athletics is the kind of coach who can bring you along and inspire confidence no matter your skill level.  After a lot of time out of training, it can be daunting to begin a regular workout regimen again and especially if you have confidence issues.  Justin is able to find your best skills and help you build on them to achieve your personal goals.  He is encouraging, knowledgeable, and motivating.  I cannot recommend him highly enough."

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