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 About Justin     Azevedo   

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Justin Azevedo 

Personal Trainer,

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Holistic Nutritionist

As an Officer in the Armed Forces, Justin became attracted to the Training lifestyle. By adapting many of the same training techniques employed by the Military, Justin was able to pursue a career as a strength & conditioning coach at the end of his tenure. 


Justin teaches the historic principles of strength & conditioning. Those traditional disciplines seemingly lost in time. Ancient Rome, notably the Celts and Vikings recognized the benefits of instructing those pure strongman beliefs. Hero’s walked the earth their physical prowess awe-inspiring. Today, those beliefs have been forfeited for the quick fix. Steroids, photo shopping, diet pills flood the market. As a competitor, Justin can attest to the damage performance enhancers can induce. By revitalizing those ancient principals used by the Romans, Justin takes a step back in time and promotes the classic Strongman discipline free from artificial influences. 

Accredited as a Personal Trainer Specialist through Canfitpro, certified as an ISSA Strength & Conditioning Coach and Exercise Therapist, Justin rounded out his education by completing both the Holistic Sports & Vegetarian Nutrition programs through Alive Academy. Justin’s competency in powerlifting, strongman training, body building and holistic nutrition are the core building blocks Pure Strength Athletic is proud to promote.  


Justin believes health and fitness should be made simple and achievable. His training methods drive real results. For some the fitness journey can be intimidating, Justin maneuvers the route by creating goals specific to you. Power Sports are not a rushed discipline. By developing long term fitness strategies, Justin will teach you the fundamental techniques you need to launch your fitness journey. Contact Justin today 

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Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball

Personal Trainer


In the every changing fitness industry, personal trainers have to be on the cutting edge of the rising trends in both fitness and nutrition. In order to best serve his clients Justin continually strives to be an industry leader by continually education himself on the latest research and developments in the field. Success for Justin is about how he can help you achieve your goal. 

Heavy Weight Lifter

Strength & Conditioning


Training for an upcoming competition? Pure Strength Athletics can prepare you for your journey by developing exercise routines and nutritional intake designed to maximize your performance. Focusing on your goal Justin will track your progress and adjust your exercise plan by celebrating your strengths and helping you beat your weaknesses. 

Healthy Food

Holistic Sports Nutrition

As a certified Holistic Sport & Vegetarian specialist, Justin has educated himself in the philosophy that one’s health is an expression of the complex interplay between your physical and emotional wellbeing. By approaching each client as unique, Justin emphasizes the building of health by fully engaging you in your culinary journey and empowering you to chart a course to optimal wellbeing through an improved lifestyle which promotes eating for health.  

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